Loans for Officials

One of the largest groups of workers in any country is the group of officials. These workers exercise their profession at the service of their country in any of the existing branches and they are also by number one of the groups that exercise the greatest demand for personal loans. Any official can request a Continue Reading

Real estate loan without notary fees

Find out how to get a home loan without the notary fees, fees associated with setting up a mortgage. The establishment of a mortgage is an important step, it is financing that will be spread over a long period and it is, therefore, an important commitment on the part of the borrower, in particular on Continue Reading

The best way to get a private loan

In the days that we have had to live, we can confidently affirm that the best way to obtain a private loan is by resorting to a private equity company. These types of companies grant credits to their users without asking them for so many requirements and conditions, so that they have the possibility of Continue Reading

Marriage financing and loans 2020

Why this observation? At the basis of the aforementioned questions there is a motivation: to pay attention to future spouses or parents of these in distinguishing the so-called “purpose” loans which can, indeed must, be facilitated as they are intended precisely for marriage compared to the common Payday loan which, instead, not foreseeing the underlying Continue Reading