An installment loan for the insulation of your home.

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Do you want to insulate your house in time and thus meet environmental standards? But don’t you want to empty your savings account all at once? With an installment loan, you don’t put your budget under pressure and you get started immediately. Geldlenen helps you find the best solution.

(Doing) insulating your home is a good investment. Several possibilities are available to you: roof and floor insulation, injection insulation, wall insulation, windows with improved insulation … You thus contribute to the preservation of the environment and you benefit from increased living comfort and ‘a falling energy bill . Did you know that an uninsulated roof generates 26% of energy losses?


Get started immediately with an installment loan

Get started immediately with an installment loan

Is it high time to do insulation work but are you worried about the budget? With an installment loan, you start immediately. And you keep a budgetary margin without emptying your savings account. You spread the costs by paying a fixed monthly amount at a fixed interest rate . You choose the duration and the monthly charge. You also benefit from a more attractive interest rate than for other loans.

This investment is worth it. It is reimbursed in the long term ! You thus realize significant savings on your energy bill . This is of course a cost that you have to pay. Do you want to get started right away and enjoy the benefits directly? In this case, a renovation loan , an installment loan , is the solution. You will receive a response to your request within 24 hours.


Important conditions

Important conditions

As an owner , you can take out an installment loan and benefit from a reduced rate . It is important that you can prove the insulation work by means of invoices. Did you know that there were also renovation premiums for insulation? Find out if you are eligible.

Geldlenen is an independent credit broker and therefore the ideal partner in your search for an installment loan. Credit agencies choose the interest rate for their home improvement loan themselves. Geldlenen compares the partners’ offer and finds the most advantageous proposition for you. For this purpose, we take into account the amount to borrow, the monthly cost and the interest rate. Warning, borrowing money also costs money!

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