Finance your son or daughter’s higher education with a student loan

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The end of the vacation is approaching, including for students. Wondering how you will finance the studies of your offspring? Minerval, course material, laptop, Internet connection, rental of a student vehicle or transport costs … Higher education is not free. A student loan will leave you more room in your budget.

Higher education is an investment in your child’s future. In recent years, the government has made cuts in subsidies, resulting in an increase in the fees of universities and colleges. A cost that generally affects parents. And if your son / daughter wants to a student, the bill will be all the more salty.


Life in a student, the path to independence

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Student vehicle has certain advantages: your student no longer has to make the daily trips to go to his lessons and he / she learns to become independent, to manage his budget … But all this has a cost . The choice to live in a student accommodation costs on average 1000 dollars per month. How to have a sufficient budget to finance all this?


A student loan to allow your child to continue his studies

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In Belgium, you can borrow for the costs related to your child’s education thanks to a personal loan with fixed monthly payments . You therefore repay the same amount each month, which depends on the bank and the amount, duration and interest rate of the loan. You can subscribe within 24 hours a student loan adapted to your situation and, thanks to the staggered costs, you will not have to cross over other expenses.

Borrowing money also costs money. So make sure you can repay your loan . Determine beforehand the amount you can borrow and the monthly payments that you can repay , so as to keep a reserve for other expenses. Do not hesitate to ask for advice if you need further information.


Find a tailor-made study loan

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To borrow, you can go to a bank, but the best solution is to use an independent broker. It will compare the offers of different banks and suggest the best one according to your situation. However, we advise you to prepare your request before consulting it.

LIte Lending is a credit counselor . Thanks to our advice, you borrow at the best conditions. We submit your request to several credit companies and then present you with a non-binding, fully tailor-made offer . We take into account the amount to borrow, the monthly repayment and the interest rate. You can also perform a simulation on the LIte Lending website.

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