Marriage financing and loans 2020

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Why this observation? At the basis of the aforementioned questions there is a motivation: to pay attention to future spouses or parents of these in distinguishing the so-called “purpose” loans which can, indeed must, be facilitated as they are intended precisely for marriage compared to the common Payday loan which, instead, not foreseeing the underlying cause, the financing (marriage) has no form of facilitation. We will see why.

Facilitated financing for marriage: then, our wedding or of our young children, can be financed, in whole or in part, through two different schemes: 1) financing aimed at marriage ; 2) the Payday loan for marriage. Let’s take care of the first, then the second. So, the credit aimed is, so to speak, what we realize inside, for example, a shopping center, or in a car dealership and that allows us to buy at installments of goods or services. Well, with this financing formula, the aspiring spouses can finance all or part of their wedding.

Allow you to pay by installments the wedding banquet

Allow you to pay by installments the wedding banquet

Think, there are many restaurants and/or reception rooms affiliated with financials that allow you to pay by installments the wedding banquet. The same applies to the purchase of furniture and appliances. Not only that: it is also possible to finance the honeymoon. Why is the marriage loan finalized preferable to the Payday loan? The reason lies in the lower interest rate: this form of credit has a rate of 1% lower than the personal one. Now let’s move on to the Payday loan to get married and we close everything with some strategic tips with related links for the aspiring spouses and their parents.

Payday loans for marriage: this is the type of credit that, unlike the one aimed (purpose), provides for the disbursement of liquid money, in cash, to be used when needed during the preparatory stages of the wedding. It has its pros and cons: among the former, it allows you to have greater freedom both in the choice of payment and in that of contacting any shop, operator, etc. Among the cons: it is a form of credit that has “on average” a higher cost than the finalized one!
You have noticed that we have quoted the word on average. With this, we mean that it is possible to find a bank or financial institution that, through specific products, can provide the best wedding loan: just see what rate they offer. In this regard, as far as we know, at the current 2020, the following institutions provide loans for young people who want to marry through products for this purpose: among the banks, Intesa San Paolo and Unicredit, while among the financial companies we have Compass and Findomestic. Also to be included, for those who have the requisites, the Social Institute or ex Government Agency wedding loans for the marriage of children. However, from a first analysis of the aforementioned loans, despite being linked to the name of “marriage”, “wedding” and the like, they seem to be common Payday loans, so that you return to the starting point: you have to compare rates even if they are loans for marriage! We conclude with some clarifications.

Loan for marriage without paycheck? Unfortunately, in the event of a wedding, it is absolutely NOT possible! There is a need for some guarantees, which, in our case, is usually the one given by parents (or other relatives) to the child who is getting married.

Non-repayable loans for wedding 2020?

Non-repayable loans for wedding 2020?

Even in this case it is not possible: there are no non-repayable loans in favor of those who are getting married.
It is a hoax that has been circulating on the net for a few years. The truth, the only one, is the Social Institute marriage leave allowance otherwise known as the 2020 married couple bonus which is paid, also for 2020, by the Social Institute but under specific requirements: being workers or unemployed about to get married and which is in any case equivalent 7-8 days of their daily wages. We end the article with some operating tips.

A wedding costs, we know! A personal and finalized financing does not exceed the decade. So, if it may interest you, we indicate the only banks that exceed the aforementioned period so that it becomes possible either to lower the installment or, always with the same installment, to obtain a loan greater to be allocated to your wedding: on Payday loans up to 15 years and banks that make them. Then, have you thought about where to live? For rent or in a home? Also in this case, we indicate the few banks that, at the cost of a rent, allow the newlyweds to buy a first home: on a first home mortgage up to 40 years and banks that do so.

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