Real estate loan without notary fees

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Find out how to get a home loan without the notary fees, fees associated with setting up a mortgage. The establishment of a mortgage is an important step, it is financing that will be spread over a long period and it is, therefore, an important commitment on the part of the borrower, in particular on the repayment of its debt. Simply put, the implementation of this financing will require the payment of fees, various fees related to the study of the file by the bank, the visit to the notary but also related to the loan guarantee. The fees of notaries are divided into two parts, there are the fees of notaries linked to the drafting of the authentic instrument, it is quite simply the document which makes it possible to formalize the ownership of the property but there are also the notary fees, linked to negotiation costs or the establishment of a mortgage guarantee.

The costs of drafting the authentic instrument are compulsory, it is not possible to override these costs because it is this document which authenticates the ownership of the property. These fees are established by a national scale, in order to limit abuses and standardize this cost. However, the notary’s fees can be negotiated: negotiation fees, mortgage guarantee fees, etc.


Negotiate notary fees during the mortgage

Negotiate notary fees during the mortgage

Some notaries ask buyers for negotiation fees; this is often a substantial sum linked to the promotion of the property sold. It should be known that a household which passes by a professional will have to discharge this sum, on the other hand, if it passes by the seller directly, this amount could not be required from the buyer. In this case, it is necessary to negotiate the amount with the notary by asking him to lower the amount of the buyer has passed through an agency or another professional.

The other costs are linked to the mortgage registration as part of the guarantee of the property. That is to say that for the choice of a mortgage, it will be necessary to go to the notary to register the bank as beneficiary in the event of non-repayment of the debt, it is an entry in the register of mortgages which again generates expenses. There are fixed costs but also fees that can be negotiated. Finally, if the borrower wants to avoid these fees, he can go through a bonding company.


Get an estimate of the notary fees for the mortgage

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It is possible to quickly and free of charge file a request for financing for a mortgage, it is a simulation which makes it possible to obtain an estimate of the rate and the monthly payment according to the desired amount. The banks and brokers associated with this simulation service also offer an estimate of the amount of notary fees, whether with or without a mortgage guarantee. This allows you to get a more precise idea of ​​the amount to be provided and the share of the costs that can be negotiated with the notary.

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